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In recent years, influencer marketing has established itself as the preferred technique for reaching the desired audience. And this is not a surprise, as brands are constantly looking for alternative ways to increase their popularity and visibility among consumers. Influencers or opinion leaders affect the audience on another level and build trust by sharing their experience with the brand’s product or service on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or their blogs. The audience, in turn, seeks information and shared experience on the Internet about everything that excites them, especially from influential people who like and recognize themselves. The strong advantage of influencers is that they create creative content and communicate with users on social networks in “their language”.

Influencer marketing can be extremely effective and add value to your business, especially if it is set up and executed correctly. If you have decided to include an influencer in your promotion strategy, it is more than important to make sure that you get professionalism and proper communication.

In the following lines we will share five important tips that are essential for a successful influence campaign.

1. Choose your brand ambassador carefully

First of all, think again about the target and on this basis make a list of suitable people with whom you would like the audience to associate your brand. Many brands target the most high-profile people, who at some point advertise everything, even competing brands.


2. Be on the lookout for “fake” influencers

The main criterion for assessing the influence of influencers on social networks is the number of their followers. This gives rise to a number of unfair practices related to the desire to gain many fans and popularity, which are often backed by fake profiles. Therefore, the professional selection and knowledge of the influencers in the different fields, as well as the implemented campaigns with their participation are of special importance.



To get the most out of your influencer campaigns and avoid content that doesn’t meet your requirements, you need to talk to your opinion leader in advance. Explain what your ultimate goal is and what impression you want to leave in the audience. What discussions are useful to you and what you do not want to encourage.

4. Ask for a schedule and reporting

The best option is to request a schedule with planned content that you approve in advance. Depending on your business and goals, think about how you could get feedback – how many new customers you have thanks to the influence campaign. For example, you can generate special links or discounts that only provide for your ambassador’s followers on social media. If you are in the image advertising stage, ask for information about the reach, comments and engagement of each post, video or blog post with your brand.

5.Be professional

Influencers are creative people, enthusiastic, active, ready to share almost anything with their followers. In most cases, they communicate informally, quickly and emotionally, for them the organization is a secondary task. It is important for you to organize and channel the work process. The participation of an agency to protect your interests and consider the details of each step is a great advantage and a guarantee of professionalism.

If you want to include an influencer in your strategy, do not hesitate to contact the Smarkethink team. We will offer you the most suitable people and we will take care of all the details for a successful campaign.