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Digital Marketing

Complete social networking and report, web page development, SEO and online advertising.

Event Management

Comprehensive events organization - concept, planning, execution, onsite management and analysis, results reporting.

Marketing strategies

Preparation of marketing strategies and analyzes, planning, branding, defining target markets.

Good ideas and precise execution are the foundation of success.

It is not the services we offer that makes us unique, but the approach of the project execution. We accept all the challenges and immerse ourselves in your world in order to emerge with the best solution for you. Full and detailed planning of the project is essential for the execution and results that you would be satisfied with.

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Wide view

Our team has extensive experience and proven practical skills. We have successfully passed through many obstacles and we easily get involved in the specifics of the various industries.

Creative ideas

We are out of patterns - our imagination and humor follow us steadily. They make our ideas creative and your projects successful.


We meet all your requirements and react quickly to new trends without changes on quality.

Keeping up with the trends

We are constantly enhancing our skills and we are using all the modern marketing tools to impress our clients and partners.

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Календар VELUX

Продуктов дизайн и производство, цялостен дизайн, съдържание и производство на брошура.

Извършени услуги: Криейтив, Графичен дизайн, Фотографски услуги, Създаване на текстове, Производство на фирмени рекламни материали.


"Вкарай гол на жегата"

Маркетингова кампания, цялостен дизайн, производство на брошура.

Извършени услуги: Организация, криейтив, графичен дизайн, web банери, онлайн и радио реклама и томбола на лятната кампания на климатици Mitsubishi.


Минен бизнес форум

Цялостна организация на събитие. управление на дигитален проект.

Извършени услуги: Графичен дизайн, цялостна организация на събитието, уеб дизайн, изработка на рекламни материали, фото и видео заснемане, дигитален маркетинг.


Data Center Days

Цялостна организация на събитие, управление на дигитален проект.

Извършени услуги: Организация на събитие, Графичен дизайн, Уеб дизайн, Дигитален маркетинг, ПР и рекламна дейност.


Accenture Teambuilding

Цялостна организация на събитие.

Извършени услуги: Провеждане, изготвяне на сценарий, комуникация и координация на подизпълнители, заснемане, Присъствие на мястото на тимбилдинга.


25 години Condex

Цялостна организация на събитие.

Извършени услуги: Провеждане на събитие, изготвяне на сценарий и провеждане на шоу програма, комуникация и координация, рекламни материали, проект за сцена, украса.


References from customers

Condex Ltd: Our sales saw significant growth

We have been working with Smarkethink since the beginning of 2017 and we are extremely pleased with the team's creativity and professionalism. Both the summer and the winter campaign of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' air conditioning systems, the official importer of which is ``Condex``, have significantly increased our sales over the past year. We will definitely continue to work with Smarkethink this year in which we are planning an even bigger advertising campaign. 10.01.2018
Albena Chakarova -Commercial Director, CONDEX Ltd.

Bike Sppot: We love their creativity and devotion

We started working with Smarkethink from scratch to reach the realization of the bike sppot online presence. The team of young professionals with fresh ideas and dedicated approach embraced our vision and helped us build a comprehensive plan to popularize the bike sppot project. Together with the online presence our physical representation with a stand at the EuroBike Show was designed by the creative Smarkethink-ers. The flexibility, creativity and devotion are the ingredients that make our work together fun and productive
Rossitsa Ianaris-Project Coordinator, Bike Sppot

Clico Bulgaria Ltd: Smarkethink works professionally and with dedication

Our co-work started last year with the organization of the most important event for us - the annual Clico Security Conference. Smarkethink took over the entire process - venue selection, invitation, registration, design of materials, branding, onsite management. The event was excellent, which resulted in new opportunities for our business. The people in Smarkethink work professionally and with dedication, they use the most innovative marketing tools. The communication with the team goes with ease and a smile. Smarkethink is our trusted and reliable partner!
Krasina Petkova -Marketing & Sales Director, Clico Bulgaria Ltd.

BMGK: We have been working with Smarkethink since 2012

Smarkethink is a partner of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2012. We trust them for various projects of the Chamber - material design, logistics of major events, websites for our needs. Our latest work, that we are proud of, is a new website for our branch magazine ‘Mining and Geology’ and a brand new design of its paper edition. We are extremely pleased with Smarkethink's work and with the ideas they give us to make things even better.
Eng. Ivan Andreev -Director of BMGK

Schneider Electric: Quick and effective task execution

I am pleased with Smarkethink's attitude and reaction to the projects we are working with. The tasks are executed quickly and with quality. The team is competent and flexible. The work is done with respect. We are constantly working with them on various projects.
Raya Gursova -Marketing Communications Manager, Schneider Electric Bulgaria

VELUX: Smarkethink are always ready for challenges

What I can say about Smarkethink is that the people in the team are young, responsible, motivated and proactive. They strive to be flexible to the customers' wishes and to meet all their expectations. Design and creativity are their passion. They accept the new challenges with great enthusiasm. The team is small but acts very quickly and purposefully.
Svetlana Pavlova-Marketing Manager, VELUX

D-Link: Projects are carried out with desire and enthusiasm

I've been working with Smarkethink for several years. They are innovative and thoughtful. They offer unconventional solutions to attract customers. They deal with desire and enthusiasm with D-Link's local Facebook page and achieve great results. They have experience in dealing with corporate requirements and the design work goes with ease. I have no remarks.
Borislav Georgiev -Commercial Manager for Bulgaria, D-Link

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