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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important processes a business must take to be found by users. The process of optimizing web content is long, but the results are long-lasting and bring an excellent return on investment. Leading positions in search engines and good results are the result of hard work of SEO specialists, as well as a matter of targeted and attractive content. If you still do not use this marketing tool or you are not satisfied with the results achieved, contact us because we offer:


A comprehensive SEO audit is a complex and very detailed analysis of a site. The goal is to find potential and real problems on the page that prevent it from ranking well in search engines. During the audit, data are collected and analyzed such as:

The ranking of the site in search engines according to the selected keywords
List of backlinks, their weight and authority
Site speed, response time and load
Number of indexed pages
Problems with the structure of the site and the presentation of the content
Site security issues
Identification of competing sites and comparative analysis


Search engine optimization so that your site is on the horizon of search engines.


Keyword analysis
Competitor analysis
Evaluate the loading of the website and the speed of navigation
Registration in catalogs and portals
Optimization of existing texts
Create content that appeals to both search engines and users.
Link Building (this is related to the budget and the correctly implemented content strategy)
On page SEO – descriptions, titles, photos, content, etc.
Create SEO and digital marketing accounts (like Google My Business)
Monthly reports
Ability to monitor and analyze user behavior on your site.
Leading positions on your site in the leading search engines.


Web content is created by a different methodology. It is in line with the goals of the site: more sales, increased traffic.