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In order for your brand’s digital strategy to be profitable, you need to pay special attention to the company’s digital presence and its social media profiles. It is especially important to analyze your customers well and focus your efforts on the channels in which they perform. It is important to know that consumers have different preferences, depending on gender and age.

Based on the study, John Priestley of the British marketing and PR agency Umpf, summed up: “Our study clearly shows how platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular among all age groups. Half of the respondents over the age of 65 said they use Facebook regularly, so social media is no longer reserved for the “younger generation”.

The survey was conducted in the UK and covered almost 2,400 respondents aged between 18 and over 65. The study includes questions related to the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Foursquare and LinkedIn. Check out the infographic to learn interesting details about the digital presence.

All the results of the study can be found here.


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