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Corporate events are an extremely important element of a company’s marketing. They provide an opportunity to build and maintain valuable contacts with partners and customers. In situations of emergency in one or more countries, strict measures must be taken and in many cases indoor events canceled.

The situation with the new virus, which is spreading in many countries around the world, has forced most companies to postpone their planned corporate events. The losses for the business are huge, as each event is held primarily in order to generate a new business. Separately, if the preparation for the event has already begun, then the time, budget and commitment used by employees and subcontractors will go in vain.

If your corporate event is already planned, you do not need to cancel or postpone it. The Smarketing team can assist you with the implementation of a rescue plan for its implementation, as well as for comprehensive marketing services in emergencies such as the current one. The service for organizing virtual events is becoming more and more popular among business representatives. The lecture part can be broadcast online, and communication between the participants is possible thanks to real-time chats or video conferencing with other participants in the event. In today’s blog post you will learn more about the importance of virtual events for business and all the important details about their conduct.

What are virtual events?

Virtual events are created to facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas and contacts between business representatives from around the world, without the need to personally attend the event. The organization happens thanks to special platforms from where participants enter online. Access can be made through a web portal or a mobile application. Virtual events are suitable for webinars, business conferences, career forums, open days of various companies, etc.

Online events provide an opportunity to recreate a real atmosphere. Branding of all virtual rooms, video greetings from representatives of various companies, organizing live discussions, filling out questionnaires and questionnaires from attendees are just some of the possibilities of this method of remote communication. The personal data of those present is guaranteed to be protected because all platforms meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Major benefits of online events

First of all, virtual events are extremely accessible and save companies time and money for the overall organization. High speed internet connection makes them an effective means of remote communication. Virtual events are convenient and flexible because they allow speakers to determine the day and time that is most appropriate for all participants. Quick and easy communication between speakers and participants located in different countries supports the information transfer process. The ability to watch a recording of the corporate event and provide feedback to the organizers are among the main advantages of virtual event platforms.

How does a virtual event work?

Before planning the communication channels that you will use to present your business event, determine the target group. For your convenience, we offer the following approach. Create profiles of your main customers and partners. Then think about who you want to attract to your event. The answers to the following questions are key in defining

Initially, all participants go through the front desk to register. This is followed by live or pre-recorded lectures and active communication with other participants or speakers in the meeting area. Attendees have the opportunity to observe all registered participants in the lobby and, if desired, to talk to them. Networking activities can be included in the program of each event. A coffee break or a cocktail after the end of the event undoubtedly facilitates social contacts between those present.

Video equipment is an important element in the preparation of any virtual event. Many companies do not have the appropriate equipment to use to conduct business communication in cyberspace. In such cases, the Smartink team can assist you with providing real video rooms, depending on your location. If you are worried about using online platforms for virtual events, we will help you find a video conference room and provide all the technical support for the event.

Promoting the upcoming event is one of the big challenges in the virtual world. It is necessary to use integrated marketing campaigns and a variety of marketing tools to reach a wide audience. Using the services of a digital marketing specialist allows you to reach the right target audience and use appropriate digital tools.

Suitable alternative for smaller events

Online seminars or better known as webinars are conducted using special video conferencing software. The various features for organizing online question and answer panels, chats and live presentations make webinars a modern and innovative solution for any business. Webinars and online conferencing systems offer a wide selection of technologies, integrated sound, the ability to create individual design elements of choice, screen sharing, good lighting, professional shooting.

Each webinar is organized online with a scheduled date and time. Usually this type of virtual events are held in real time, but there are opportunities to record the various sessions and provide a link to all or selected participants. During the webinar, those wishing to have personal meetings with the lecturers should be able to request video sessions with them in the time interval that the lecturers have provided for live meetings. Online meetings can also be held on different days via the laptop’s webcam or computer. Webinar registration can be paid or free. All invitees are provided with a username along with a password or access code. At the request of the organizers, each registered participant can receive a package of presentation materials and promotional gifts to be sent through a courier company.

Examples of online events organized by Marketing

In recent months, our team has participated in the organization of several virtual events. Some of them were webinars for our client – the IT company Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium. They turned to us for the overall organization and conduct of events in the online space, which were aimed at their partners and aimed at presenting product features and benefits of current products. When choosing the right platform, we made a comparison between several of the most popular products on the market for webinars. Our criteria were clear – to meet the specifics of the event and to be budget-friendly for the client. We had the task to offer texts and designs for the invitations to the events – basic information about the topics, visual and textual presentation of the speakers, as well as brief instructions for using the platform to event visitors to facilitate the involvement of people invited .

We communicated with participants via email and sent reminders about the date and time of the webinars. During and before the online events, our team was on line to assist speakers and participants as needed. We supported the communication between those present, we took care of the technical support of the events and as a result – we achieved the goals set in the beginning. After the webinars, we sent the recorded video sessions to all participants, as well as to those who had not been able to attend online.

At the beginning of April we got involved in the preparation of a virtual event for another of our clients in the field of information technology, distributor of software products – SoftwareOne. Our main task was to promote the event and to attract a suitable audience to join it and hear about the solutions presented during the session. We carefully researched the topic of the event and its goals in order to determine the right target group and reach it. We had a certain budget, which we had to invest in digital advertising and promotion of the event on the company’s social networks. We have prepared an appropriate invitation and registration form. After the event ended, we prepared a report on the results achieved and the satisfaction of the audience. With the right targeting and engaging content, we managed to achieve many more registrations of participants in the event than was set in the original goals. We continue to assist in organizing successful virtual events for this client of ours.

Having considered the main elements of organizing a virtual event, we advise you not to miss a valuable opportunity for your company. Be proactive and use the latest innovative platforms for business communication with employees, customers and partners. Smarketink is one of the few marketing agencies on the market with experience in organizing virtual events. Trust the team of professionals and instead of postponing your event – engage the target audience with presence and active participation during its implementation. Send your inquiry to the e-mail address – or fill in the contact form on our website.