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The preparation in this case will not be with a microwave oven, but with a few tricks and innovative software

Email marketing is a digital tool that sends messages via email. They aim to inform potential customers about products, services and attractive offers for the specific organization. Targeted e-mail distribution campaigns are usually created on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Very often, images or information files are attached to emails to help visualize messages more specifically.

A common marketing approach is to make additional contact with “cold contacts” over the phone or through social networks. However, according to US and European Union law, each country must have a list of numbers and emails of organizations that do not wish to receive commercial communications. In Bulgaria, there is such a list * in the CPC (Consumer Protection Commission) and more and more companies are enrolled in it. The reason is that many organizations, in their desire to reach more potential customers at a low price, make reckless moves and send mass emails. Preliminary preparation is needed, especially in the B2B sector, so that there are no negative consequences for business.

An effective opportunity for your business

Email marketing has several major benefits that make it preferred and widely used.

  • In the first place is the relatively low price for distribution among potential buyers.
  • The message arrives quickly to the recipients – literally in a few seconds at their home or office.
  • Sent emails can be easily tracked through autoresponders or replies to received and opened emails. This takes into account the effectiveness of the campaign in relation to the result of all open letters and responses received.
  • Email is in the top 10 most visited sites by anyone.
  • Email correspondence allows quick feedback between the advertiser and the user.

Before proceeding with the process of sending emails, you need to analyze the available contacts you have. The best solution is to build your own email database, although you will spend more time and resources. This way, you won’t have to worry about some of the companies refusing to receive commercial communications in the CPC’s electronic register.

Organizations that have so far not relied on their own digital advertising databases are likely to drop out of the market or face financial difficulties following the introduction of new European rules on personal data protection. The regulation has a huge impact on non-compliant organizations. Each company needs to review its databases and customer contacts, and establish their goals and legal grounds related to the processing of personal data.

Traditionally, online games and promotions are tools that collect a large amount of data from users. Today, the GDPR somewhat limits the provision of large amounts of information in their conduct. However, email, names and even phone numbers remain visible and can be added to the database.

Effect of  the content

Even if you shape your message perfectly, small mistakes and omissions in the text leave an unpleasant impression on your recipients and future customers. Always read the message at least twice before sending it. It is important that the content is semantically structured and well written. Watch out for punctuation. Leave contacts for feedback at the beginning and end of the email.

The next important point is the personal address to the addressees of your e-mail. Customize your messages so that if your database includes recipient names, don’t miss them in your message text. In addition, it is better to send messages on behalf of a person than a company, because this removes the barrier between you and the recipients.

Before proceeding with the final actions and sending the emails, think about a strategy for how your actions lead to the ultimate goal, namely to gather more information about the client. Be brief and precise in your addresses, trying to provoke action in the recipient. Pay attention to the subject of your message. This is often the first thing the recipient sees, and the decision to continue reading the email is made in seconds. Use more visuals than text.

Technological steps to success

  1. Always monitor campaign progress – If you’re using standard email, all you’ll know is whether or not the email was received.
  2. Don’t give up after the first email and don’t just send it – there are so many ways online to get the attention of potential customers. Marketing offers a variety of techniques and tools in this direction. Of course, do not abuse the opportunity by cluttering the other party with dozens of emails.
  3. Use specialized software to monitor the activity and behavior of recipients.
  4. Make sure the server or service you select is technically secured. This way, your emails will certainly be delivered and will not end up in the Spam folder.
  5. Pay attention to which days and time range more emails open. Also, notice which emails get a higher CTR – Open Rate. Experience will help you achieve better results.
  6. Optimize your mobile emails. As insignificant as this advice may seem to you, it is really important because mobile phones have become the most used technology on the market.

Email marketing allows you to easily and quickly unleash your potential and generate more publicity for your business. Following the good practices we have indicated, you will enjoy greater interest and trust from your customers.

This is from us for now.

Enjoy your cooking! ☺

 *To make sure that the email address to which you want to send information is not on the CPC list, you can check here.