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Did you know that science plays a major role in building our online image on social media? The better psychological techniques and methods we know, the greater the chance to build a more successful brand, close and loved by customers.

Based on a number of successful examples from various digital campaigns, here we will share with you some good practices from the world of online marketing and psychology.

 1. Reply in the comments below the posts

According to a study on the decision-making process of users of 500 different sites, it became clear that when these brands add comments on social networks, web traffic to these sites increases by 50% on average over the next three months.

Image source: Yotpo


Wondering why? Psychology can give an answer.

According to science, by asking a question and expressing an opinion, one expects to receive feedback. This is a type of social responsibility that must be respected in social networks. By committing to answering and commenting with people, we make it clear that every opinion is taken into account and important to the brand.

When commenting, always try to be helpful and satisfy your customers and online followers. It is a good practice to put a link to your site where users can get additional information that would be useful to them.

When one customer is satisfied, it affects others. Every positive comment on your page also affects everyone who will read the whole information flow later. Remember that by answering and assisting a particular user in the comments, you will actually be helpful to many who will read what you write later.

It is important to know that the comments of the so-called “Trolls” and “haters” should not be three. In such cases, refrain from answering.

How to apply these techniques?

There is nothing difficult in what has been written so far. On the contrary, only two steps are needed:

  • Encourage your users to rate your products and services. Ask them to share their opinions.
  • Engage in their comments and show that you “care”.

The strategy will not go unnoticed!

2. Create a personal identity to reach millions of followers

We all already use social networks, but how well do we do it? Sometimes the perfect strategy is much easier than you think. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your customers like friends. A successful example is the insurance company Progressive, which has created a separate Facebook page of Flo, a virtual employee who is always ready to help you. What are the results? See for yourself the fan base of the employee (digital campaign) and the official website of the insurance company. Impressive, isn’t it?

Source: Flo, the Progressive Girl on Facebook


What does psychology say about this?

How is it possible that the official website of the brand has 380,000 followers, while their “online assistant” has as many as 5 million fans. According to research, consumers find it much easier to associate with people or individuals (so-called human-likes users). This is the reason why Flo has mastered many times more success than their creator Progressive. Besides all this, it has long been known that people are more likely to make a purchase decision than an advertisement that has someone to persuade them to do so. People are inclined and trusting, so always be personally identical and do not be afraid to show your face.

How to apply these techniques?

Share photos of you and your team. Be fun, helpful and show your face. However, every business has its human side. It is important that your customers know who is behind the brand.

3. Engage your users with fun content

Laughter acts as a “social glue”. Believe us! When you create fun content, it releases endorphins into the brains of the people your message reaches. This makes people happier and the chance that they will bond with your brand and follow your future posts increases significantly.

What does psychology say?

Laughter and fun always evoke a positive feeling and are remembered in a person’s mind as “something positive”. That is why such tactics are extremely important for building your brand. You don’t have to be a comedian, do it with flair and style.

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