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Despite digitalisation, conventional media remains an important player in the market. They are an important source of information for the public and bring prestige, and a completely different weight of advertising – they should not be underestimated, and their effectiveness questioned. They are a real classic in the advertising genre and here’s how we can help you use them:

Comprehensive planning of seasonal and annual advertising campaigns
Analyze appropriate media based on statistical information about the audience
Selection and compilation of media mix
Media planning and buying
Monitoring and reporting of campaigns
Outdoor advertising and communication management with media agencies


Extensive experience and a number of successful campaigns with media of all kinds in the country and abroad
Preferential price conditions caused by a long-term partnership with the media
Knowledge of potential risks and ability to react
Centralized campaign management, regardless of the number and type of media


Complete creation of concepts for internal and external PR communication
Organizing press conferences, including concept, selection of appropriate media, drafting text and vision for invitations, calling the target media, preparing the client for a press conference (scenario, questions and answers)
Professional holding of press conferences on site
Providing media coverage after the press conference
Writing and disseminating news
Preparation of a professional newsletter and distribution
Personal PR and image building
Crisis PR

Preparing for PR is the delicate task of creating a positive public image in society. The basis of good PR is extensive professional experience and knowledge of the media environment and its specifics.

We can be the voice of your business.