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What can we do?

We help different kinds of business to expand their activity.

Social media

Take an active part in social media communities to keep in touch with your customers and keep them engaged in your products or brand. We will create your corporate account and make sure it always is filled with interesting and up-to-date content.



Be first choice always when people are searching for information on the internet. That guarantees constant traffic to your website and gives you a chance for more sales. We will analyse the content of your web page and will make sure it appears on Google first page.


Digital advertising

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by using digital and social media, which the most active users prefer. Smarkethink team provides you strategic advices, planning and running digital campaigns in short and long term.


Influencer marketing

The partnership between brands and influencers has long ceased to be merely a new trend, but one of the most successful ways to present businesses and effectively reach the right target audience


Event management

Take the unique opportunity to meet with your customers and partners in person. It is a chance to convey your mеssages clearly and a good way to strengthen your connection with them. We offer services for planning, organizing and hosting events, which will impress your guests for a long time.


Website development

Take advantage of the vast potential of internet to introduce your company, brand or product effectively. We offer fresh ideas, concept, design and web development with diverse structure and rich functionality.


Media and PR

Make sure that all media mention you regularly and the image of your company in the public space is flawless. We could help you with a strategy for PR campaigns, managing the media relations, creating PR announcements and organizing press conferences at a professional level.


Content creation

Hold people’s attention and build a perfect reputation with rich and engaging content for your website, social profile and promotional materials. We can create original or adapted high quality texts on variety topics for you.


Design and production

Use the power of advertising materials and make your brand popular with current and potential customers. We provide optimal conditions for prepress and production of all types of printed materials and advertising products.


Building an employer brand

Successful employer branding plays an important role in the company positioning in the market and has become an increasingly important part of their overall strategy in recent years. Trends show that the employers make a decision to change their professional way much easier than in previous periods.


Complete marketing services

Complete marketing services for the new brands and growth businesses that need to find the right way in a field full of marketing opportunities and tools. Professional consulting, strategy planning and development with short and long term business goals.


If you want a young and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals, who are full of ideas and has experience in a wide variety of projects, contact us right now.