Virtual events allow successful communication between business people anytime and anywhere. These events can be organized independently or as parts of live events. The rich opportunities to recreate a real atmosphere allow participants to communicate freely and to exchange valuable experience and business ideas, regardless they are online. The preparation of online events should not be underestimated, because the stages of organization require just as much attention to the details, as events with physical presence.

In order to be able to offer the most appropriate and optimal solution for any type of virtual events, we work with the leading virtual events platforms. Some of them are Meetyoo, Inxpo, vFairs, Zoom, MicrosoftTeams, Cisco Webex, LogMeIn – in particular the products GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining.

The utility and the variety of functionalities, that the innovative online events offer, will definitely impress your customers and partners and will contribute to better business results. The size and the format of your special event is not a problem, as the digital environment is suitable for all kind of events. Here are some examples of virtual events:

  • Online seminars
  • Business conferences
  • Company trainings
  • Presentation of new business products and services
  • Career forums
  • Educational and scientific forums
  • Open days
  • Employer branding activities
  • Exhibition events

Virtual events are characterized by some unique advantages, which will results in efficiency, optimization of the invested funds and engagement of the audience. As far as your budget and business goals are concerned, organizing a virtual event is a really flexible process, due to the fact that we work with variety of platforms we can offer you to choose from.

  • Virtual events can take place even in unforeseen circumstances and guarantee 100% safety of the participants. Because of the platforms we use, which all meet the requirements of GDPR, all the personal data of the guests will be protected.
  • Online events can attract a very large audience because they are not tied to transport, time costs and limited space in a closed facility. The interactive platforms allow the organization of networking activities in which participants can communicate with each other and organize meetings within the event to exchange ideas.
  • The attention of the attendants is extremely focused and this allows them to perceive most of the information presented during the event.
  • Online events held on platforms can be recorded and then accessed at any time from anyone who failed to join the event.
  • Online events are associated with a number of economic and environmental benefits. The cost of virtual events is usually lower than that of physical ones.


To distinguish your event from all the others, we offer:


  • Personal approach

We are about to creating a concept of your event, planning and promoting it. Defining the leading goals and target groups and selection of participants according to the requirements of the company is the thing we will start with. We can offer opportunity for participation of several lecturers and organizing several parallel sessions. For your guests we will take care of creating personal invitation in digital format for participation and we will communicate with the participants via emails to provide information how to work with the virtual platform that will be used for the event. Depending on the event we will create an effective financial and management plan. We will follow the whole event and will provide full support for the smooth running of the event.

  • Successful digital presence

To guarantee presence we use integrated marketing campaigns and various digital tools for access to the audience. Defining successful channels for communication with the target group is one of our top priority. Creating appropriate content and effective design according to the goals of the event is essential part of successful digital presence. Upon your request, the visual presentation may include preparation of a complete branding of the premises where the event will take place. In such way, the presence of the brand and the feeling of holding a physical event are enhanced.

  • Effective business communication

The most important thing for effective business communication is the use of the most suitable online platform for your business. This would lead to an easy and quick access through a web portal or mobile application and creating a virtual registration. The online environment allows seamless remote communication between speakers and participants, creation of professional avatars and using of your own voice in virtual communication. If necessary, Smarkethink provides training to the customers how to work with the platform. We offer opportunities for real-time chats, discussions, video conferences, questionnaires and real-time online surveys – these are just some of the means of communication that can be provided in virtual events. Having all those things will result in exchange of valuable experience and contacts during the event. It is possible to present products and services positioned on virtual stands in a separate exhibition area, to distribute useful materials to the participants after the end of the event. The communication between organizers and visitors is facilitated too.

  • Professional performance

We will provide you with appropriate video conferencing equipment for conducting business communication in cyberspace. The computer camera is not a professional solution, and modern technologies provide excellent opportunities for recreating real communication. Smarkethink will give you opportunities to rent video conferencing equipment and a suitable venue, depending on the needs and the format of the event. We will also provide technical support before and during the event.

  • Measuring the results after the end of the event

At the end, we will prepare analysis and report on the effectiveness of the event. We will track the registered participants and the time each of them spent in the platform of the event. We will support you with the determination of potential opportunities for transactions, with the measurement of the satisfaction of visitors to the event and will provide you the results. Last but not least, we will provide a comprehensive report with results from the communication channels used.

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