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In the age of digital art, graphic design trends are evaporating as fast as they appear. What has been fashionable in the last few years may seem out of fashion in 2018. While some trends stand the test of time, others disappear in the blink of an eye.




2018 is the year of colorful, unusual and creative imagination. While some of the new trends are a surprise to everyone, others are completely predictable.


 The “Glitch” effect

The damaged image, ie. The defect effect is one of the most popular trends in the digital world recently. 2018 is the year in which distorted images take over the world of graphic design.


The  “Ruined” effect



Modern graphic designers are obsessed with the “art of destroying”. Anything that involves splashing, scratching, tearing, ungluing or other form of destruction of the aesthetics of a composition is considered fashionable in 2018.


Effects achieved with the help of “Color Channels”


Handling Color Channels is widespread among designers. The technique allows to create great illusory effects that strongly affect the viewer – such as holography, hallucinations, distorted reality, etc. This makes “Color Channels” one of the most popular trends in graphic design.


Holography is lagging behind …

Holographic design, which has been a huge hit in the last few years, is now lagging behind other futuristic trends. Although it is still glamorous and mesmerizing, in 2018 we will see less of it.




Double Exposure

Double exposure is a well-known trend that is a picture within a picture.


Double Exposure Duotone

“I see double” is no longer just an unwanted consequence of alcohol consumption. This trend is a hybrid of Double Exposure, Duotone and Color Channels. In short, Dutone dual exposure is achieved by duplicating the image, as well as by using two different overlapping images in monochrome colors. In this way, designers achieve the “illusion of movement” effect.


Double Light


This effect makes ordinary compositions more modern. Double Light is an effect that can be achieved with the presence of two light sources. Here are some examples:



Say “Bye” to Classic Duotone


Duotone means bicolor and will be a major trend in 2018. However, traditional bicolor will not be as popular as it was last year.


Creative printing

This type of printing is among the most common in graphic design. In fact, this trend has been at the forefront for several years and will not give up any time soon.


Imagination is the biggest advantage here. Creative printing can be combined with other techniques or used alone.


Cut out typography


The art of erasing parts of the letters while keeping them legible requires a lot of creativity and professionalism.

Chaotic typography


This type of effect is leading in 2017, but continues to be fashionable this year. In other words, say “No” to aligned texts and “Yes” to different and chaotic ones.



Typography with elements of everyday life


A modern graphic trend is the typography, which closely interacts with other elements of the composition. For example, letters become objects of everyday life. Check out these great examples.




Negative Space Designs

Negative space is an “empty” space in which a certain shape is distinguished. The technique is one of the most popular nowadays and still occupies leading positions.


Negative Space Typography


What is different about this type of effect is that the picture on the back is revealed with the help of inscriptions and individual letters.





Colored 3D substance

Bright colors and 3D composition are the winning combination for 2018. Saturated colors are certainly fighting for the top spot for the leading positions in graphic design in 2018. This is due to the desire of companies wanting their product “to be noticed”.


Monochrome 3D design


Recently, we see more and more product presentations in which the background and the product, which stands out due to the volume created by 3D techniques, are in the same color.



Metal elements


In addition to bright colors, metal elements enter the world of graphic design to evoke the “Wow” effect. They are often combined with other popular trends, such as 3D compositions and typography.



Color transitions


When Instagram changed its logo in 2016 to a color gradient, no one expected that this effect would become such a big trend. Despite the fact that web designers were not sure about this technique, these color gradients are becoming increasingly fashionable.





Hand painted illustrations



Hand-drawn illustrations are always on the rise. Each design is a work of art created with a lot of talent and imagination. That’s why illustrations can never go out of style.


When it comes to graphic design, illustrations always give a special unique feel. In 2018, they can be combined with other trends in graphic design such as Negative Space, 3D structures, Double, etc.


Illustrations on photos


An interesting trend for 2018 is the combination of photos and digital drawing. This technique enhances the effect of the photo and gives the composition a new look. For companies that find ordinary images too boring, this is the right choice!



Paper scraps


Paper clippings recreate compositions made from different layers of paper, which adds a sense of depth and different texture.


The trends in graphic design in 2018 are anything but boring – they are colorful, mesmerizing, engaging and even alien, which we can only admire.