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Businesses are constantly looking for new opportunities for development and expansion, and building a successful employer brand is undoubtedly one of them. In the first part of this article we got acquainted with the essence of the concept of employer branding and its meaning for any organization. We also told you which departments in a company take care of this long-term process. In the continuation of the blog post we will draw your attention to the practical part of the implementation of a working strategy for employer branding. We will reveal to you several successfully implemented projects from our activity in the direction of building an employer brand. We know from experience that texts saturated with relevant examples facilitate the reader’s perception, so in the following lines we promise you interesting and useful content.

Before we begin, it is important to clarify that the right strategy for attracting and retaining professionals in an organization is not equivalent to a recruitment campaign. It is a process that combines daily targeted action in the long run. Strengthening the brand image and aimed at the team, job seekers, customers and the general public. We will consider each of these important business units separately in the article.

Useful employer branding practices aimed at retaining staff

An important element of the overall strategy for building a successful employer brand is to achieve a high degree of team commitment. As well as its integration into the organizational culture and values ​​of the organization of which it is part. People need to be well acquainted with the mission and vision of the brand and its main messages. Upon entering the job, each new member of the team must become familiar with the general rules of work and corporate values. Subsequently, he receives up-to-date information about the company’s activities and various initiatives and causes that the organization develops or supports. For this purpose, it is appropriate to place information boards at workplaces. They will inform about all corporate changes, innovations and initiatives organized by the brand.

“an employee’s productivity increases when he works in a pleasant and harmonious environment

Undoubtedly, one of the most important tasks for managers in organizations is to listen to and respect the opinion of the team. In this way, they predispose employees to feel comfortable and create a spirit of trust, teamwork and responsibility. Not surprisingly, an employee’s productivity increases when he works in a pleasant and harmonious environment, free to share opinions and ideas. The understanding and friendly attitude of the department heads bring the team together. This is an important condition for the ease and good performance of work tasks.

When we talk about building commitment on the part of professionals in a company, we should undoubtedly mention the importance of Employee Value Proposition. These are, in general, the benefits that employees receive when working in an organization. It is extremely important for employers that the current team is focused and motivated. As well as develop within this organization and continue to be productive and focused. In addition to the standard elements, such as pay, bonuses, social benefits and others, for the overall satisfaction and cohesion of the team and creating a pleasant working environment, it is important to conduct various activities in a non-working environment. Such are, for example, company parties, monthly gatherings, social initiatives and team building events. They are accepted as a reward for the efforts of the team during the work and express a personal attitude to each one.

“every year the Smarketing team organizes themed parties

Every year, the Smartink team organizes themed parties and entertainment gatherings for its customers’ employees. You can get acquainted with some of them in the Projects section of the agency’s website. A few months ago, together with Accenture Bulgaria, we prepared an initiative dedicated to the youngest members of the families of employees. The children spent a day in the office where their parents work and got acquainted with their profession and work commitments. The day was full of fun, interesting moments and of course – important lessons, and the company once again proved that it cares about its team members and their families.

Activities aimed at attracting future talents

Nowadays, social networks are a very good channel through which future employees can gain a clearer picture of the work process, initiatives and projects implemented in a company. The information that is disseminated on social media has a key place in the corporate world. Therefore, this channel must be used effectively and purposefully by companies. Through platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, organizations can communicate directly with professionals who could become part of the team in the future. As we know, a good image today is key to the development of any business. That is why it is important for companies to be active in the digital space and to share useful experiences and ideas. This is how they strengthen their name and stand out from the competition.

An example of good practice related to building brand awareness is creating videos by brand ambassadors. These can be current professionals in an organization who share short and attractive videos and talk about the company on their own behalf. The videos provide a great opportunity for potential job seekers to gain a clearer idea of ​​the workplace atmosphere and atmosphere. Broadcasting them on the company’s social channels will prompt future employees about the benefits and opportunities for development of the place.

Participating in specialized career forums and events is another way for the organization to present itself in the best light to future staff. They provide a great opportunity for job seekers to get acquainted with the company culture and communicate personally with professionals. Offering internships and trainings for students and young people shows that the company is open to training future professionals.

Useful practices aimed at customers and the general public

The recognition of a brand in the labor market is directly related to a set of activities that primarily aim to present the company as a desired and preferred place to work. These practices may include the publication of PR messages related to the company’s human resources policy, initiatives aimed at corporate social responsibility, as well as social causes in which the brand has participated. A good opportunity for the successful positioning of the brand are the media participations in TV and radio formats, the interviews with key specialists. As well as the preparation of materials to be published in leading media, targeting the appropriate audience.

Another good approach that companies can successfully implement is to disseminate interesting case studies and photos of the team. They acquaint the audience with initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility, participation in causes of high importance to society and others. We immediately guess about the great green initiative organized by our client AIT International Transport. 13 trees were planted by the company’s employees in the Trakia district of Plovdiv. The green gift for the residents of the neighborhood is a small part of the socially responsible initiatives of the transport company, which represents its corporate values.

If your company aims to attract, hire and retain the best employees, you need a trusted assistant in developing an employer branding strategy. Smarketink can be your ally in the battle for talent and a generator of fresh ideas for attracting them. As well as for more smiles at work. Do not hesitate to contact us! Send your inquiry to the e-mail address – or fill in the contact form on our website.