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Let’s imagine the team of a company as pieces of a puzzle. In order to arrange all the elements, they must be placed in the right places and fit together. Similarly, in order to grow a business successfully, people who work must be committed to their work. To be involved in the goals and life of the company and to act as a well-functioning team.

In the conditions of constant changes in the world of business and intensified market competition, the role of the team is growing more and more significantly. The battle for talent, which is the most valuable asset of any business, is growing tremendously. Without people, it would be difficult to achieve the set goals and development strategies. Faced with the challenge of finding and retaining the most suitable staff, organizations are increasingly taking various activities and measures to distinguish them and establish them in the labor market as fair employers.

“every company needs an effective strategy for the development of the employer brand

Building a strong employer brand is a process related, on the one hand, to retaining talent, and on the other – to establishing the brand as a fair, loyal and sought-after partner in the market. Regardless of the field in which it operates, every company needs an effective strategy for the development of the employer brand. Its implementation is an excellent opportunity for organizations to strengthen their positions in the labor market, to increase their reputation as a desirable employer and to achieve significant success in retaining staff.

According to a survey by the Employer Brand Research Institute, 84% of job seekers believe that a company’s reputation is a major factor in applying for a position. A study by the Institute shows that investing in employer branding activities can reduce staff turnover by about 28%. These results prove that if a brand is strong in the market and trusted, it will attract potential employees. In the following lines we will briefly present the need to build a strong employer brand.


The importance of creating a strong employer brand

Before we talk about the benefits of employer branding, it is important to clarify the meaning of this concept. Not only in our country, but also worldwide, there is a tendency for companies to find it increasingly difficult to attract new staff. They also face the difficult task of retaining their specialists. This is where the role of building a strong employer brand lies. This is a two-way process and thanks to it the business becomes recognizable, shows its values, mission and vision. This is also the case in the labor market, paying special attention to current employees, their commitment and satisfaction.

Teams are more motivated when the employer or managers show concern and personal attitude. Small gestures to the people of the company improve the performance of daily work duties and raise the employee-employer relationship to a higher level. Even a smaller company may be preferred by job applicants over another competing and larger organization. This is thanks to the implementation of the right strategy for building a successful employer brand.

Main goals for the business in establishing the employer brand

Before you start developing a strong employer brand, rethink the vision and mission of your business. You will then successfully use them in your employer branding strategy. Think of the vision as your vision for a prosperous future for the company. And for the mission as a path you have chosen to take to achieve your goals. Without them, you will invest unnecessary time and effort in building employer branding. In determining the right strategy, it is important to define the unique characteristics of your corporation that make it attractive to current employees and future job seekers.

It is important to think comprehensively, taking into account all aspects, as financial incentives are not always the main motive for choosing a job (or at least not a long-term motive). Then set goals to follow in the process of building an employer brand. These may include hiring a leading specialist in a field, raising brand awareness and building a strong relationship between the team and management.

Who builds the employer brand in a company

Is the employer the only person who takes care of this long-term process? Of course not. The HR departments of the companies are actively involved in building and maintaining the employer brand and planning various activities and communication strategies. The team managers are charged with the task of taking care of the satisfaction of all specialists in the organization. They work to unite the team and make efforts for team spirit and a cozy work environment.

The marketing departments or agencies that deal with marketing and communications in a company take on the task of identifying the unique characteristics and distinctive features of an organization and communicating them to external and internal audiences. They formulate short-term and long-term company strategies. Develop activities to build corporate affiliation and increase team satisfaction. They also create special initiatives to attract new staff. PR experts, in turn, participate in the process of building and establishing the market of the employer brand. They take care of successful communication by preparing special materials, highlighting the employer identity of the brand, showing success stories and selecting the most effective media channels.

Successful strategy, professional experience and expertise are also the basis for building a strong employer brand. If so far you have not made enough effort to develop the image of your business, the next part of this blog material is just for you. In it we will present you interesting examples of corporate activities aimed at current and future employees, as well as useful tips on how to present your company in the best light to the audience.