Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important services, which every business should use if it wants easy to be found from customers. Search engine optimization is a long process but the results are long-lasting with excellent return on investments. First positions in search engines and good results are the consequences of SEO specialist’s hard work and attractive and purposeful content.

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The overall SEO audit is a complex and highly detailed analysis of a site. The purpose is to find potential and real problems on the page that prevent it from ranking well in the search engines. During the audit data are collected and analysed such as:

  • Ranking the website in search engines, according to the selected keywords
  • List of backlinks, their value and authority
  • Website speed, response and load time
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Problems with the website structure and content presentation
  • Problems with the website security
  • Competitors analysis and benchmarking


Search engine optimization – so your site will be close to the first search engines.


  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Evaluation of a website loading and navigation speed
  • Register in catalogues and portals
  • Optimisation of existing texts
  • Creating a content that search engines and users like
  • Link building – it’s connected with the budget and the right content strategy
  • Tracking
  • SEP on page – descriptions, headlines, photos, content and more
  • Creating SEO and digital marketing profiles (like Google My Business)
  • Monthly reports
  • Targeting
  • First positions in search engines
  • User behaviour analytics on your website


Web content is created by a different methodology. It’s consistent with the purposes of the website: more sales, increased traffic.