Despite the process of digitalisation, conventional media is an important market player. Media remains the main source of public information and gives a completely different meaning to the advertisement. Media shouldn’t be underestimated, because media platforms are really effective. It is a true classic in the advertising genre and we can help you with the connections with the media:

  • Planning of seasonal and annual advertising campaigns
  • Choosing of relevant media, based on audience statistics
  • Selection of media mix
  • Media planning and purchasing
  • Media monitoring and campaign reports
  • Outdoor advertising and communication management with media agencies



  • Comprehensive knowledge and a number of successful media campaigns, which are organised in the country or abroad
  • Preferential pricing conditions, due to long partnership with the media
  • Knowledge of potential risks and best opportunities for reactions
  • Centralized campaign management, no matter of the number and type of media



  • Creating concepts for internal and external PR communication
  • Organisation of press conferences including concept, selection of appropriate media, writing of texts and making the vision for invitations, ringing of targeted media, preparation of client for press conference (scenario, provided questions and answers)
  • Professional live press conferences
  • Media coverage after the press conference
  • Writing and spreading the news
  • Preparation of professional information newsletter and distribution
  • Personal PR and image building
  • Crisis PR


The preparation of PR material is a delicate task of creating a positive public image in the society. Good PR activity is based on professional experience and knowledge about the media specifics.