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The digital presence of your business is key to its success and development. Internet activities shorten the distance with consumers and offer your product or service in the shortest and most natural way to the customer. For this to happen, the digital strategy must be carefully planned and implemented using state-of-the-art tools. Digital campaigns are easily measurable and the tracking of the resources invested in relation to the achieved results can be assessed.

Contact us for managing the digital presence of your business and you will not regret it.


Building and managing digital marketing strategies including:

PPC advertising
Complete SEO audits
SEO optimization
Content creation
Mobile advertising
Google Ads automatization
Email Marketing
Creation and management of social media
Website creation


The pay-per-click network is a mandatory channel in the marketing mix, in which the results are seen quickly and in real time. Unlike CPM (Cost Per Impression) advertising, PPC pays only with a click. The biggest advantages of this type of advertising are the ability to track the effectiveness and freedom to change the messages and settings of the ad during an active campaign.


This is an advertisement that is served on all mobile devices. It provides an invaluable advantage – your customers see your services and products no matter where they are. All they have to do is open an application on their mobile device and the ad is already with them.


This is a very functional technique, thanks to which your ad will be displayed to users who have visited your site and have shown interest in the products or services presented on it. If you do not make a direct sale with the first shot, then after a while, when the customer has matured for the idea and made the decision, you will again remind yourself and the benefits of your brand. We will help you with strategy and technical implementation.


The most important benefits of Google Ads can be summarized in three points:

Possibility for precise targeting
Timely detailed statistics

Of course, it’s not just that. Proper management of campaigns in the platform allows you to adjust advertising budgets and keywords, daily optimization of the cost per click, an extensive partner network of sites where you can advertise through banners, videos and text ads.

If you consult with digital marketing experts, you’ll learn that the cost of AdWords advertising is not fixed, but determined by the volume of search for an industry, the specific advertising strategy, and most importantly, the goals you set.


Interesting texts and visual elements sent in a beautiful looking newsletter directly to your customers’ mailboxes are another way to present the news about your business. If you do not have a ready-made database of potential customers, we can help you build it, and then maintain and expand it. By preparing intriguing, useful and beautifully presented information we will maintain the interest in your products and services. The business benefits of this channel are many:

Creating a focused and loyal audience of people who are keenly interested in what you have to offer
Building trust
Keeping in touch with your customers and business partners
A good way to advertise upcoming promotions, events and news

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