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Building an employer brand

Successful Employer Branding plays an important role in positioning companies in the human resources market and has become an increasingly important part of their overall strategy in recent years. Given the shortage of quality employees, hiring and retaining them is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Trends show that workers decide to change professionally much easier than in previous periods.

We at Smartink know how important an employer brand is in attracting and engaging talent. The successful Employer Branding projects we develop for our clients are another proof that a strategy that encourages and motivates employees leads to higher staff satisfaction and, consequently, higher efficiency in the workplace.

The services we can use to create and maintain a successful Employer Branding are:

Analysis of the employer, its characteristics and its presentation in the used communication channels.
Study of the established employer image, attitudes and perceptions of employees in the company.
Identification of unique characteristics and distinctive advantages of the employer brand.
Formulation of specific short-term and long-term goals for the strategy of the employer brand.
Development of activities for building company affiliation and increasing the satisfaction of employees – organization of team building, annual company (Christmas) party, monthly after work parties, special gestures to the team, activities and gestures to their families.
Creating special initiatives to attract new employees – small gestures to a selected target audience, participation in specialized career platforms and events, PR activities.
Preparation of a comprehensive short-term and long-term strategy.
Selection of effective channels for communication of the employer brand.
Implementation of campaigns with the most modern marketing tools – digital and conventional.
Measuring and reporting results during and after the campaign.

Developing an Employer Branding policy is an important task to create a positive image that attracts and retains staff. The basis of a successful strategy is professional experience and knowledge, as well as the use of modern tools and instruments in HR and marketing.

If you need assistance in creating a cheerful work environment and smiling colleagues, do not hesitate to contact us.